The Victorian Era, while filled with old values and traditions, became an enchanting playground for inventions and discoveries. The Industrial Age was born and out of it came many new ideas; some of which became popular and spread around the world quickly.  The Victorians invented the modern idea of invention (the notion that one could create solutions to problems) and believed that man could create new means of bettering himself and society. The following is a list of some of the many discoveries and inventions found in use during the Victorian period.  Though many of these inventions were made in America, they were in widespread use in Victorian England.

Kirkpatrick MacMillan invented the first bicycle with foot pedals in the 1830 to 1840's. 
1830 The English begin first commercial railway service.
1837 The telegraph is developed and Morse introduces Morse code. 
1839 Photograph paper is first introduced in photography.
1842 Ether is first used in a minor medical operation.

1846 Ether is first used in a major medical operation.

1850 Perambulators, or prams.  The pram was a status symbol for the rich because they were very expensive.  They were given to nannies who looked after their children.
1851 Singer sewing maching is invented.
1856 New bright dyes are made for clothing.
1859 Etinne Lenoir is successful with the first gasoline engine.  Though the car was not to come for many years, it was this invention that made it possible.
1863 Steel becomes a replacement of iron in the framing of buildings.
1867 Nobel produces dynamite that is safe for handling.
1873 Remington typewriter was invented.
1873 Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone.
1877 The phonograph is invented.
1878 The microphone is invented.
1888 Hertz produces radio waves for the first time.
1895 X-rays are invented.
1896 The wireless telegraph is invented.